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Why you should only cut fabric with your sewing scissors

Does cutting paper dull sewing scissors? Yes, using your fabric scissors on paper will dull them quicker than if they were just used for fabrics.  Clay (calcium carbonate) is used in the manufacture of paper and cardboard as a filler and coating as it provides opacity, brightness and improved ability to print on the paper. This calcium carbonate is very hard and abrasive, which dulls the fine edge of scissors. 

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Choosing the right pin for the job

With so many different types of sewing pins available, it can seem overwhelming choosing the right pin for the job. Here, we give an overview of what to look out for when selecting a sewing pin for your kit. What are sewing pins made from? Pins can be made from a number of different metals, including brass, nickel, steel or a mix of them. Stainless steel, brass and nickel-plated brass pins are rust-proof, which is important if you plan on leaving your pins in your work for an extended period of time. Nickel-plated steel pins are rust-resistant and will also work with a pin magnet.    Different pin types and uses: Basting Pins - The curved shape of this pin allows...

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