Wholesale customer inqury

Sonya Morris, Founder of SOHMO
If you would like to stock a selection of SOHMO products, please enter your details below – we are always keen to talk with stockists from Australia and around the world.

To preserve the integrity of SOHMO products, we do not supply to chain stores or online stores that do not have their own unique online presence (e.g. Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, etc). We thank you for your understanding.


Images for stockists

SOHMO has a collection of clear, professionally shot images of all products in the range available to stockists for online listings, newsletter promotions and social media.

We also have a large library of styled images of our products available for stockists to use for promotion of social media or via newsletters. The image library is updated regularly, and can be viewed here. To download, simply right click and save to your computer. We encourage you not to directly link to these images, as urls may change from time to time.


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