Sewing Needles

SOHMO Needles are made in Japan by a company that has been manufacturing superior sewing needles for over 100 years. To make our needles, 10 precision processes are undertaken, with the resulting needle being incredibly smooth, strong and sharp.

SOHMO needles are made from steel, which is then nickel plated to resist rust. The needles feature a gold-plated eye to enable smooth threading.

SOHMO needles are packaged in small metal tins with sliding lids. These tins have been designed to protect the needles, and are small enough to keep in a small hand sewing kit – all while being super cute!

Choosing the right needle for your hand sewing project need not be difficult – simply select a needle that feels right to you. While needles are named for their use, don’t let this deter you – use what feels right to you.

Needles are sized by the standard wire gauge system (excluding Tapestry Needles – they get their own measuring system!). The higher the gauge number, the smaller and finer the needle. (e.g. a 18 gauge needle is finer than a 10 gauge needle). The metric measurements and gauges for SOHMO needles can be found in a table here, or by clicking into each product below.