How to keep sewing pins sharp

Sewing pins are thin, pointed tools used to hold fabric in place while sewing or fitting clothing. They are also known as straight pins or dressmaker's pins. They are usually made of nickel plated steel and feature a flat, ornamental head on one end and a pointy sharp end.

Sewing pins can be used to mark fabric, affix pattern pieces to fabric, and hold fabric in place. It is important that the pins are sharp in these circumstances in order to puncture the fabric neatly and precisely.

Can sewing pins be sharpened?

No, sewing pins cannot be sharpened in the conventional sense.  Sewing pins do not have a continuous edge that can be polished to a fine point like scissors or knives, which may be sharpened on a sharpening stone or with a manual or electric sharpener.

The best thing to do if your sewing pins start to dull or bend is to replace them with new ones. This will guarantee that you have a set of straight, pointed pins that can hold your cloth in place while sewing with ease and accuracy. It is a good idea to have a supply of fresh, high-quality sewing pins on hand, as they can make a significant difference in the accuracy, quality and enjoyment of your sewing projects.



SOHMO Glass Head Pins in a reusable tin

SOHMO Glass Head Pins feature a nickel-plated steel shank with glass head. Ideal for use with everyday sewing projects, these pins are smooth and sharp. The glass head pin is melt-proof, so they’re perfect for use on the ironing board.

Packaged in a gorgeous tin with sliding lid, these pins make great gifts or a luxe addition to your sewing kit.