How do you use thread snips?

Thread snips are sometimes called thread clippers, nippers or thread cutters. They're small spring-loaded scissors that can be used for trimming loose threads as a garment is finished. They're also great for quickly trimming a thread at the sewing machine as a seam is finished.

Thread snips feature a loop, which enables them to hang from your third finger so that they're out of the way as you use your hands to inspect the garment. As you find a thread that needs trimming, they can quickly be held to snip the thread. 

The spring-loaded blades make them easy to use with just your thumb and fore-finger. 

Thread Snips being used to finish a garment


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What do I do if my Thread Snips don't spring open?

Like any pair of scissors, the tension screw may need to be adjusted from time to time. To do this, simply use a flat head screwdriver to carefully adjust the large pivot screw. This can be done whenever the thread snip blades "stick" and don't spring open.


Where can I buy Thread Snips?

SOHMO Thread Snips are spring loaded straight bladed snips designed to hang from your third finger. Measuring just 4 ½”, these sharp little knife-edge scissors make a great addition to your embroidery kit, or are great for snipping threads at the sewing machine.

Thread snips are packaged in a sturdy card box with foam insert to keep them safe. Box includes care instructions and a microfibre cloth for cleaning.


A pair of SOHMO Thread Snips in a green gift box