Scissors Care

Caring for sewing scissors and shears

SOHMO scissors will serve you for years to come if you follow the below steps and treat them with care.

Wipe blades with the microfibre cloth provided after use to remove dust and fabric particles that can accumulate between the blades.

From time to time, apply a small amount of oil near the pivot screw to keep blades moving smoothly. Rub off excess oil before using again.

Scissors should be sharpened by a professional sharpening service. It’s time for sharpening when you feel you’re working hard to make the scissors cut or the thin fabrics fold in between the blades rather than being cut. It’s important to select a skilled scissors sharpener. Ask at your local sewing store or fellow sewists if they can provide a recommendation. Note: micro-serrated scissors do not require sharpening.

Store scissors and shears in the box provided to avoid nicks in the blade and tip breakage.

Do not drop, as this can cause the blades to become out of alignment.