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SOHMO Large Sewing Scissors in protective box
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SOHMO - Large Tailoring Shears - 10" - Gold

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Product Name: SOHMO Tailoring Shears 10" in Gold


Description: SOHMO premium quality Italian made 10” Tailoring Shears are made from nickel plated carbon steel, finished with gorgeous 24k gold-plated handles.

The SOHMO 10” Tailoring Shears feature offset handles, with knife-edge blades.

These shears are lovely and heavy and made to last a lifetime. Apply a small amount of oil near the pivot screw to keep blades moving smoothly. Wipe with the enclosed microfibre cloth after use to remove dust and fabric particle accumulation between blades. From time to time, adjust pivot screw to ensure that tension of shears is comfortable.

Shears are packaged in a sturdy card box with foam insert to keep them safe. Box includes care instructions and a microfibre cloth for cleaning.

Length of Scissors: Blade tip to end of handle: 260mm; Blade tip to pivot screw: 130mm

Box size: 300mm x 150mm x 40mm

Packaged weight: 630g

Handmade in Italy, Packed in Australia.


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